Weekly Menu- 5/30-6/3

Obviously, all menu planning is tentative this week as we wait for our baby girl to arrive.  Not to mention, this weekend is my 10 year Macalester reunion!  I have a bunch of friends in town, but I have no idea but if/when/how I will see anyone.  I am sure the near and dear friends will drop by if our late bloomer is born, but everything is up in the air.  Luckily, the last few years of motherhood have taught me to accept this state and let go of the imagined control I like to think I have.  I can make plans and move forward without disappointment if they don't work out.  That said, it's especially easy to move on if the plan involves Thursday night rotini, and a whole lot tougher if it involves true loss.

I swear I wasn't planning to philosophize when I began this post. :)

Memorial Day BBQ

Chicken Orzo Salad (subbing feta for the goat cheese)

Veggie Enchiladas with avocado cream sauce

Rotini w/homemade sauce (ground turkey)

Toddlers & Takeouts?
Macalester Reunion Weekend?


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