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A New Kind Of Marathon Training

I have been doing a lot of running lately.  It is unlikely that this surprises anyone, my family least of all.  But this training cycle is a bit different.  My sights are set on Moose Mountain Marathon, the shortest distance of the three fall superior races.  I have run a few trail races including the spring Superior 25k (an out and back that covers that last portion of the fall races), but this is my first trail marathon and it could take me upwards of seven hours so I need my body in tip top trail specific condition. 

Fortunately, my longtime running buddy Rose is an ultra-runner.  For the last few years, Rose has been encouraging me to sign up and train for a longer trail race.  "If you can run a road marathon, you can run a trail ultra," says Rose.  I've been hesitant to commit for a few reasons:
1) time it takes to train for a trail race (driving time to trails + more time running=more time away from home)
2) amount of energy it takes to train for longer distances (…

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